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Драга мирэ англоязычна!

Не посмотрите плиз мой перевод вот этой статьи?

А то я на английском не писала лет так тыщу...

On March, 7th on scene of Meydenbauer Center Theatre the “Romani Soul” show has taken place.

In Gypsy songs and dances there is something magic, they attract spectators of all ages like magnet, and nobody can stay indifferent. On the “Romani Soul” show audience was packed and judging by applause, exclamations of rapture, clapping, slapping and tapping in the hall, everybody was happy. No doubt, if only setting were not theatrical, good few of audience would start to dance. Even the most serious eyes were full of inspiration in ten minutes after the show beginning. An unbelievable flow of energy and feelings which could not be stopped was going from scene.

I don’t think that active figures of our community have organized somewhen something like this. That was a real colourful show, music performed by superprofessional musicians was accompanied by splendid dances of Nalini and the The Blue Lotus Dance Co. Those Gypsy skirts! Many of us women dreamt about a skirt like that when a child! A colourful fluttering hem like a magic kaleidoscope takes fancy and brings far away from grey rains.

Many of you know that Vadim Kolpakov and Arkady Gips took part in Madonna’s worldwide tour “Sticky and Sweet” as members of “Kolpakov Trio”, a group of Alexander Kolpakov. This fact is a striking illustration of the musicians’ high professional level. However, I want to digress from the American pop-star’s actions Vadim Kolpakov and Arkady Gips are talented and worthy of attention and respect themselves.

“Via Romen” was founded in 2004 in Boston when Vadim moved to the USA. The cast has changed several times but stays constant last two years. Kolpakov, Gorodetsky and Gips are those members of the group that have created a new original style “Nuevo Russian Romani Music”. This style is born from jazz, Russian Roma’s and Jewish tunes. A duet of a seven-string guitar and a six-string one is great itself but when an all genres virtuoso’s violin joins it something inexplicable occurs. That should be the way how art is born.

After the show I was lucky enough to visit Anna Vasilevskaya’s party and to communicate with artists in a relaxed atmosphere. Vadim Kolpakov tpld me: “Great impressions. We have succeded in doing a lot of work for two days literally. However, the show has taken place and it seems to me with a succes.” When I asked him how the idea of mixing styles had been born he answered: “All of us can play jazz. Alexandr learnt in a jazz school, and Arkady is a musician with a world-known name who plays excellently in any genre. Once Alex came to my place and showd me a draft of a new song. We decided to look what can come out of it, sat down on a sofa and playd it at once. That was how one of compositions we have performed in today show was born. In future, we are planning to develop this new trend.”

There also took part in the show our well-known musicians of Siattle, Oleg Ruvinov (bass guitar) and andrey Zasypkin (drums). “The program was very hard. We should play in a defined manner, comply with a lot of important for them [“Via Romen”] details and above all not to interfere. In spite of the fact that we have had only two days to prepare, I guess that we excellently managed our task. In specified mpments that we left untrained we had to feel each other and improvise. Sure it helped me that I was acquainted with their music as I had traced the songs they had prepared for Anna Vasilevskaya and I had composed the bass guitar part to them. Some items such as “Seventeen Moments of Spring” we were to forget and learn from scratch in the way how it was necessary for the show,” Oleg, the leader of a well-known in Washington ensemble “New Age Flamenco”, tells. Indeed, our guys have done a great work and have proved their professionalism again.

An impressive dance show performed by Nalini and her Blue Lotus Dance group served as a great addition to the musical performance. That wasn’t the first time when they worked together with Anna Vasilevskaya. I inquired our wonderful dancer about how theat idea had been born. “My greatgrandmother was Romani. She was left when a child by her family because of an illness, but she was picked up and brought up by an Ukrainian family. That was my mother who showed me a Romani dance for the first time, and it was she who sewed my first soctume. I have performed all over Russia, Ukraina and Kazakhstan from when I was 16, with musicians who played Gypsy songs. When 18, I entered the choreographic school, and after having graduated it I concentrated on Indian dances and Bollywood. And literally recently I have met Anna, have heard her beautyful voice and songs, have remembered my childhood, how I started to dance. That has attracted me very much. That is how our joint project has been born.”

And of course, that show would never take place without its inspirer Anna Vasilevskaya. Her talent, energy, aspiration for dream and unyieldingness have gathered us together and have presented us that wonderful evening. Undoubtfully, the show would have never happened without Anna Vassilevskaya who was an inspiration to us all. Thanks to her natural talent, her energy and her persistence we have gathered together and had such a great time. Beyond several hours of the show there are flights, numerous records and rehearsals, solving of great number of organizational, financial and marketing problems. Not anyone is able to complete succesfully such initiatives. All of us, spectators, hope that the show is a striking beginning of brilliant future which is waiting for Anna and an organization “Arts for Hearts, Inc” founded by Anna and her husband Dmitry Vasilevsky in 2008.

To make everyone jealous I say that the most striking impressions I have from not the show itself but from the sight how guys have playd and sung after it. When you are situated in two metres from amazing musicians, you see them in a casual, you may say, home atmosphere, and those simple at first glance folks begin to create something gorgeous and incredibly beautyful before your eyes — that’s the moment of acute pleasure and enlightenment. You have such a feeling that you become a part of something ideal, something that has universal meaning. Such a pity that the harmony can’t last forever and all good things always finishes very quickly. We can only hope that they’ll be back and we will feel Gypsies in our souls again!

п.с. Как сказать "зажгло сердца"? Inspired?
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